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Until 1991 no website existed. Yahoo was launched in 1994, Google in 1998, Wikipedia in 2001, and Facebook in 2004. Currently there are about 2 billion websites, many of them inactive.

According to data from w3techs.com, of the 10 million most visited web pages in the world, 37% do not use a CMS, while the remaining 63% do. A CMS is a content management system used to create, structure, publish, and delete content from a website. This figure speaks for itself: 41% of all websites in the world are made with Wordpress. The next most popular CMS is Shopify, with just 3.5% of market share.

Web development in Wordpress

Wordpress is a valid solution for most web projects, in our case 9 out of 10 websites that we make for our clients are with Wordpress, with very varied functionalities:

  • Corporate websites.
  • E-commerce, under WooCommerce.
  • Landing pages.
  • Personal websites.
  • Blogs.

Wordpress is adopted as a content manager due to its versatility and ease of use for those who work with it (updating content or managing an online store, for example). Besides, since there is a wide community of developers using the same platform, there are countless resources already available that can be used for the websites.

Other web development technologies

In addition to Wordpress, we carry out web developments with other technical characteristics:

  • Static sites: simple pages in HTML5 + CSS, without content manager.
  • Prestashop: electronic stores that, due to the characteristics of their catalog or their products, may make it advisable to use other platforms.
  • Custom development: applications and digital products from scratch to completion, in technologies such as Symfony (PHP framework).
HTML y CSSPrestashopSymfony

Our strengths as a development team are the versatility and the ability to propose to the client solutions adapted to the needs of their project and to their budget.

Our experience:
 keys to success

Our keys to success in the design and development of a website are:

  • Choosing the right technical environment
  • Mobile first: We always design the mobile version first. In Spain, almost 70% of internet use occurs from mobile devices (IAB Spain, 2021).
  • Understand to whom the web is going to be addressed, its main targets.
  • Identification of the mandatory main functionalities.
  • Balance between attractive design and optimal usability.
  • Definition of the content structure.
  • Optimization of key performance processes: Contact to capture leads, and purchase for e-commerce
  • Prioritization in the optimization on the key pages: Home, and pages for capturing leads (content) or purchases (product sheet).
  • Properly extend the graphic identity to the digital environment.
  • Prices and terms according to the definition of the project.
Web project factorsDescription
Previous Context
  • Is it a new website or does it replace a previous development?
  • Do you have to register the site in the basic Google tools (Analytics, Webmaster Tools, My Business, Tag Manager)
  • Is it required to develop a pre-web ("coming soon") while the development lasts?
  • Is there a brand manual for digital media? (Logo application, web colors, fonts, etc.)
  • Are there graphic resources available? Are they defined for each section of the web? (Image bank, iconographies, etc.)
  • Do you have to develop your own illustrations or infographics as part of the project?
  • Do you already have a server for the site?
  • Is it up to date in its latest version?
  • Do you have a security certificate configured?


  • Is there a defined content structure for the web?
  • Texts for the web: Are they all done, partly, or none?
  • Is SEO oriented copywriting needed?
  • Is there a keyword and competition study? Is it required for the project?
  • Are SEO titles and descriptions provided for each page, or will they be part of the project?
  • Do you want to do a complete SEO optimization of the site? (Performance, alt texts for images, keyword density…?)


  • Is it a static or dynamic site? Does it have a simple contact form?
  • Will there be a blog?
  • Is it necessary to include a newsletter subscription?
  • Do you have forms with complex functionalities? (Reservations, downloads, automation, etc.)
  • Is it an e-commerce? Is it resolved how the logistics and means of payment will be? Are integrations with apps necessary? (ERP, CRM, etc.) Is there a complete list of products? Who will upload the content? Who will manage the daily operations of the store? Are there images of all the products, or do they have to be done?


  • Are there legal texts written?
  • Is it necessary to comply with any specific regulations beyond the mandatory ones on the web? (Data protection, cookie policy, etc.)

Graphic ads / banners

Web design is complemented by the development of graphic ads that are shown to users through advertising campaigns. It is important that there is coherence between the banners and the web, both in formal aspects and in the tone of the communication.

Our work may include the development of banners in different formats:

  • Banners for display and retargeting campaigns.
  • Banners adapted to social media where our client wants to advertise.
  • Banners for e-mailing, or newsletters.
  • Static, animated banners, or rich media formats.
AMIRazulmarengoColegio LogosDrink 6Elegance PartyEuroFly TecGetaday

Our clients have very diverse objectives:

  • Generate online sales.
  • Get leads from potential customers.
  • Generate brand awareness through broad coverage.
  • Increase physical traffic to your stores.
  • Increase website traffic.
  • Generate app downloads.

Tell us about your business model and your needs, we will be able to help you.

Whenever possible, we set our monthly fee based on the results obtained.

How to develop your website with us

We have a work procedure created so that our clients always have visibility about delivery times and elements that they must provide to incorporate into the website:

Project timeline

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4


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      Full campaigns design: Banners and landing pages for different training courses.


      This team’s work is defined by its excellence. We were impacted by how they were able to reach the essence of our company. Their simplicity, clarity, quality, and passion that they work with are impressive. Without their work, we wouldn’t be where we are. Bravo Relevantium!

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      Your commitment is that our company as a whole does better, with additional recommendations on the business, marketing, strategy, etc. Much more than just digital marketing

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      The most important thing: you put affection and attention... Google does not need complex tools to manage, it needs thinking heads

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